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ABOUT U.B.U. cosmetics

We care about EVERYONE! No matter the differences. 

We are a cosmetic company that thrives on people being able to be themselves with no judgment. Whether that be someone who loves colorful makeup or someone who has special needs. We also want to help those in need along the way. What better way to do that then to support special needs families? We emphasized autism mainly due to the founders background which can be read below.


There are many different reasons as to why the "puzzle piece" symbol was chosen for this company. The main reason the puzzle piece was chosen is because I believe every puzzle piece is unique just like every person.  Once all the puzzle pieces come together, you can form an amazing puzzle (community)! 


The autism spectrum can range from very mild to very severe but regardless, it can be very challenging for all. Everyone who has autism or knows someone who has autism could use some help at some point. Whether that be supplies like sensory items or communication items. Resources for families who might need help via books or therapists would also be a desired goal. We want to help in anyway we can and your purchase will provide help to families who may be in need. 

Boss Lady Taylor



I'm Taylor and I have worked with children who have autism for 4 years. I have worked as a instructional assistant and a behavioral technician at a special needs facility. I also have been in the makeup field for the same amount of time. I decided to combine the two things I love into one. That is how U.B.U. cosmetics got started. I love my job working with special needs children and I also really want to help families in need.

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