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  • How do I contact you?
    You can contact us by email, facebook and instagram. These are all located on all social medias and also on the bottom of the website.
  • How do I join the Ambassador Program?
    All you have to do is to read the requirments under the ambassador program tab, then when you agree with the requirments, fill out the form. If you are accepted, you will be emailed by me and we will go from there :)
  • Do I receive any free items with my order?
    YES! I do give some free items in every order.
  • What are your favorite magnetic lashes?
    My personal favorite pair of magnetic lashes is You-Reka because it is a little more flared out on the outside of the eye so it makes your eye look a little bigger.
  • What if I have a payment issue and I am unable to place an order?
    I am very sorry to hear that you are having trouble. I would love for you to email me and send me the issues you are having so I can hopefully help you through the process. If that still doesn't work then we will figure out how to make your order happen and I will personallymake sure it gets done fast.
  • What is the main way you ship your products?
    As of now, I use USPS beause it is cheaper for you :)
  • What is your best seller?
    My best seller is the Magnetic Lash sets! They are AMAZING... They take less then 5 minutes to apply and they are reuasble. If you want more information, you can read more under the lashes bio!
  • I am having issues with putting the lashes on. Can you give me any advice?
    Yes. You have to make sure the liner is dry before putting on the lashes! Let the liner dry for a minute or ever longer. Put on mascara while you let the liner dry and then put the lashes on. Hopefully that helps!
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